Do you remember the fondest memory from your childhood related to the pressure cooker?

I am sure the sharp whistle of a pressure cooker from your kitchen or your neighbors, would tell you that cooking has already started and you would wait for that delicious smell to reach your nose.

Can we ever imagine an Indian kitchen without the presence of a pressure cooker? The answer would definitely be ‘No’.

Among all the kitchen appliances/kitchen gadgets pressure cooker is the most essential item in any kitchen.

Let’s see, why is pressure cooker still most obsessed kitchen appliance:

  • Cooks faster: This is the most common and obvious reason for investing in a pressure cooker. Normally in sealed containers, it takes almost 30-50 minutes to cook rice/pulses, a cooker does within 10mins or even less than that.
  • Retains nutritional value of the food: While we cook in a pressure cooker the food is cooked in completely closed space which traps all the moisture in as well as keeps the nutrients intact in the food.
  • Less messy cooking: They are easier to clean as food is cooked in closed space so no spills or crumbs on a gas stove that usually happens while cooking on a pan.
  • Zero flavor loss: As the food is cooked in a closed container so the pressure cooker doesn’t let any of the items evaporate so the taste is also intact.

Though the pressure cooker is simple cookware to buy for your kitchen still you need to consider a few factors:

Capacity – Most of the pressure cookers in India are available range between 0.5 L to 9 L.

Material – Stainless steel, aluminum, and anodized aluminum are commonly used materials. Hard anodized and chrome steel are a stronger choice as they don’t react with any acid released during the cooking process.

Outer Lid or Inner Lid – Both these options are good for direct vessel cooking. But if you’re using separators or idli stand, then outer lid is that the right choice

We will read about the details later. Now a quick Guide.

Low Cost. Rather Cheapest.Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Outer Lid Induction699/-best gadgets
Medium Cost but Health is priorityHawkins Stainless Steel Tall Pressure Cooker2410/-best gadgets
GiftingPigeon By Stovekraft Belita Hard Anodized Super Cooker1708/-best gadgets
Electric CookerGeek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker4999/-best gadgets
Multi-Cooker (One gadget for all)Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker7750/-best gadgets
Good looking and works greatHawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker1699/-best gadgets
Bachelors and small familiesPigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Outer Lid Induction699/-best gadgets
Medium cost but brandedPrestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker1147best gadgets

Let’s know which pressure cooker is the best!

1. Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 3 Litres, Silver

Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Price: ₹ 1,147.00 (Check out the latest Price)


Cooker from the most well-known and trusted Brand in India
Base type: Non-induction base
Capacity: 3 Litres
Material type: Aluminium
Warranty: 5 years
Safety: 3rd level of safe metallic safety plug is fitted on the top of the lid
Pressure Cooker Prestige: Specifications

Prestige Pressure cooker are the most bought and trusted. They not only excel in the quality of the material they provide, but also their safety is top notch.

This 3 litres aluminium pressure cooker from Prestige is the right kind of the cookware you get for the price you pay.

best gadgets

Prestige Popular Aluminium, 2 Litres

Prestige Popular Aluminium, 4 Litres

Prestige Popular Aluminium, 5 Litres


5 years warranty

Ideal for 3-4 family members.

Prestige pressure cooker had a 2nd level of safety called the Gasket Release System

Durable Handle


  • 5 years of warranty.
  • The best choice of Brand when it comes to Pressure Cooker.
  • Great value for money.
  • Very value for money
  • Double layer of security
  • Handle gets up heated more than usual.

2. Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 3 Litres

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Price: ₹ 1,699.00 ( Check out the latest price)


Stainless steel lid with hard anodised body
2 liters, perfect for 1-3 people cooking.
Gas stove compatible pressure cooker.
Pressure locked safety lid, safety valve together gives a greater safety.
Awesome brand value and value for money.

The black hard-anodized XT aluminium pressure cooker from hawkins is a best buy.

It maintains safety for your family as the hard-anodized aluminium of this model does not react with food.

The long lasting gasket, saves the pressure cooker is good condition for a long time.

best gadgets


The pressure cooker’s black body aids in heating faster.

With the curved body design, stirring is easy.

Warranty of 5 years

Awesome brand and is a value for money product that lasts long.

The body is 2.2 times harder than steel and absorbs heat faster, thus saving lot of gas for the buyer.

The pressure locked lid from inside, makes the pressure cooker much safe.


  • Customers love the product, due to the strong quality and safety features.
  • Being from a great brand, the after-sales service is excellent.
  • The anodized aluminum XT model saves a lot of energy by getting heated faster and saving the heat.
  • This pressure cooker Hawkins Laboratory certified.
  • Some people face a little problem is closing the lid, as the lid is locked from inside. So need patience.

3. Hawkins Stainless Steel Tall Pressure Cooker, 3 Litres, Silver

Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Price: ₹ 2,410.00 ( Check out the latest Price)


3 liters best for small families and bachelors. Can cook for 3-4 people at a time.
Works on both gas and induction cooktop.
The body is made fully of stainless steel, which is best for health.
5 years warranty on the product.
All the safety norms are inbuilt into this Hawkins pressure cooker.
The thick bottom does not let the food to burn or stick.

This stainless steel pressure cooker from Hawkins is a 3 litre tall Kitchen Gadget which is a must have in every kitchen.

The Hawkins cooker supports both gas and induction cooktop. The stainless steel does not stick and is very easy to clean.

The safety features includes a long lasting gasket, the safety lid that get locked from inside and automatic safety valve comes out of the box with this pressure cooker.

best gadgets


Superior Stainless Steel which is of superior food quality

5.8 mm thickness which dissipates heat evenly and does not let food burn.

Light handlebar to easily seal the lead.

Airtight pressure regulation saves a lot of fuel energy

Works on both gas and induction cooktop.


  • Cooking in this stainless steel pressure cooker has huge health benefits.
  • Supports both gas and induction cooking.
  • Great brand and very good after-sales service.
  • Awesome customer/user review.
  • The lid gets locked from inside, so it needs some patience to lock it properly.

4. Hawkins Stainless Steel Contura Pressure Cooker 3 litres

Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Price: ₹ 2,749.00 (Check out the latest Price)


Works on both gas and induction cooktop.
3 liters best for small families and bachelors. Can cook for 3-4 people at a time.
The body is made fully of stainless steel, which is best for health.
5 years warranty on the product.
The unique rounded body helps in stirring easily and gives better visibility of the food.
The thick bottom does not let the food to burn or stick.

The food grade stainless steel Contura from Hawkins is a latest design pressure cooker, which not only looks great but also cooks faster due to its airtight locking mechanism and thick body.

It has much more health benefit that a aluminium cooker while cooking for 3-4 persons at a time.

The ease of stirring food and the food visibility is much better for this Hawkins model.

best gadgets


Latest design and much more practical cooker from Hawkins.

Superior Stainless Steel which is of superior food quality

5.8 mm thickness which dissipates heat evenly and does not let food burn.

Round shaped body to cook at ease.

Airtight pressure regulation saves a lot of fuel energy

Works on both gas and induction cooktop.

Awesome brand and after-sales service.


  • Cooking in this stainless steel pressure cooker has huge health benefits.
  • Supports both gas and induction cooking.
  • New designer looks, so good quality, super safety and good design at a very competitive price.
  • Customers love the quality of the product and provided great after usage reviews.
  • The lid though light, locks from inside, which is a problem for some to fix properly.

5. Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker with 11 in 1 Function, Feather Touch Preset Menu (Stainless Steel Pot, Black)

Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Price: ₹ 4,999.00 ( Check out the latest price )


Electric Pressure Cooker with 11 preset menus, which is one cooker where you can cook everything from Idly to Biriyani to Non-veg curries.
Geek Robocook Automatic Pressure cooker has 7 safety features inbuilt to guard Pressure, Temperature, Fitment and Exhaust
India’s first choice for all in one cooker for baking, steaming, sauteing, frying.
Digital Cooking: Best cooker for all old and modern families where you can set the timer for cooking and just leave.
5 liters of quantity: Cooking for a max of 8 people in one go in one cookware.
Warranty: 2 years of manufacturer warranty.

The Geek Robocook Automatic Pressure cooker in an unique cooker which runs on electricity. You will get a stainless steel pot along with this model.

This 5 litres cooker does the job equal to 11 cook wares, making it a 11 in 1 electric pressure cooker, which is a must buy for food lovers and who loves to cook variety of dishes at home.

It has 11 preset menus and 7 safety gaurds inbuilt. Welcome to the world of digital cooking.

best gadgets


11 in 1 Electric Pressure cooker from Geek Robocook with Programmable Intelligent Cooking technology.

11 preset menus to cook as per in taste on click of one button.

Inbuilt pressure, temperature safety guards giving a modern multi-layered safety mechanism.

5-liter capacity food-grade stainless steel inner cooking pot for healthy cooking while the outer layer preserves the heat and nutrition.


  • Electric pressure cooker with 5 litres capacity that can afford almost all types of cooking from sauteing, frying, streaming.
  • Very nice safety features making it a premium pressure cooker.
  • Stainless steel cooking vessel has health benefits.
  • Customer reviews are extraordinarily good and satisfactory.
  • For a premium pressure cooker, 2 years warranty is a bit less.

6. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot

Rating: 4.7 out of 5
Price: ₹ 7,750.00 ( Check out the latest price )


9 in 1 Multi-pot Electric Pressure cooker which can cook any type of dishes you want from pressure cooking to slow cooking, steaming, baking, sauteing, or pasteurizing.
5 years of warranty given to this Cooker
14 easy touch to cook programs comes inbuilt.
Stainless steel steamer basket allows cooking two dishes at once
6 liters of cooker allows cooking for a big family at once.
Safety locking lid with a regulation system and sensor ensures proper safety of this Mealthy pressure cooker.

Mealthy Multipot 9 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker that allows cooking multiple dishes in one cookerware and also allows cooking 2 dishes at the same time.

It provides 14 easy click to cook facility and cooks dishes super fast.

Buying this cooker, comes with a cooking app, which will provide you with 100s of menus right in your hand.

The pressure cooker comes with a number of safety norms which makes this cooker a premium one. Welcome to digital cooking.

best gadgets


9 in 1 Multi-pot Electric Pressure Cooking functions with inbuilt 14 presets.

Safety Features: Safety locking lid, Pressure regulation system, smart locking sensors, auto temp control, pressure protection system, temp monitor, auto pressure control.

Stainless Steel pot: A much healthier way to cook in a pressure cooker.

Mobile app provided with loads of recipes you can experiment or enhance your cooking skills on this cooker, so that you can cook better and faster.

The pressure cooker can cook 2 dishes at the same time.

14 easy cooking programs for one-touch cooking.


  • 5 years of warranty is a great advantage over its competitors.
  • Best for small or big families, who loves to cook different dishes and cook by setting timers.
  • Safety features and 6 litres capacity and mobile app make this electric pressure cooker a 360degree useful cookware.
  • Cooking 2 dishes at the same time.
  • Though a premier product, the cost looks a bit pricy.

7. Prestige Deluxe Alpha Outer Lid Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, 3 Litres

Rating: 4 out of 5
Price: ₹ 2,221.00 ( Check out the latest price )


3 Liters capacity is perfect for small family and bachelors
The most well-known brand in the pressure cooker section that delivers great quality and after-sales service.
The steel body makes the cooker a much healthier alternative to its aluminum counterpart.
Suitable for cooking on the gas stove and induction cooktop.
Controlled gasket release system and Metallic safety Plug are two of the many safety features that come out of the box with this Prestige pressure cooker.
This cooker has an outer locking lid.

This is a very sturdy and durable pressure cooker from Prestige with 3 litres capacity and having a food grade steel body with a lid which locks from outside.

Prestige is a brand so well known in the pressure cooker segment for its great quality of product at a great price which runs long without any maintainance.

Lets check out its features.

best gadgets


3 litres stainless steel pressure cooker.

Works in both gas and induction cooktops

Dishwasher safe.

5 years warranty.

Safety features are at par with the norms

Simple and elegant cooker for all.


  • The outer lid is easy for many to handle and use.
  • Great customer review.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Great brand and after-sales service.
  • Works on both gas and induction.
  • Sharp edges many cause wounds, so use safely.

8. Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Outer Lid Induction Aluminium Cooker, 3 Litres, Silver

Rating: 3.7 out of 5
Price: 699 /- (Check out the latest Price)


Material: High-Quality Aluminium
Induction Base
Capacity : 3 Litres
Warranty: 5 years
User-friendly handle
Best for small family or bachelors

This is the 3 litres pressure cooker from Pigeon with smart outer lid design.

This aluminium pressure cooker is the best cookware choice for bachelors and small to medium families.

Its added induction base makes it useful with both gas stove and induction cooktops. Cook anything you love from rice, dal, non-veg and much more

best gadgets


The Aluminium base is great for faster and even spreading of heat.

The additional induction base make it more versitile, so when you dont have gas , you use use it on induction cooktops.

With 5 years warranty, if you face any problem, a long time window for replacement.

The low cost of the pressure cooker makes it a top buying product among all households.


  • 5 years warranty
  • The best choice of brand for a pressure cooker 3 litres being the requirement.
  • Aluminium base a great advantage.
  • Customers have loved the quality material and finishing.
  • For the pressure cooker price, this model is the most affordable.
  • Recently some customers are receiving the product not according to their expectation, so we would recommend you, check before accepting the order and return if there is an issue.

9. Pigeon By Stovekraft Belita Hard Anodized Super Cooker Set, 3 Ltrs, 4-Pieces, Black

Rating: 3.7 out of 5
Price: ₹ 1,708.00 (Check out the latest Price)


The original Super Cooker Set from Pigeon
Material type: Hard-anodized Aluminum
Base type: Induction base
Capacity: 3L
Warranty: 5 Years. Manufacturing Defect covered.
3 lids – For Straining, Serving and Pressure-cooking.

This pressure cooker from Pigeon is specially designed in the shape of Handi making Flavours to be easily ploughed back inside.

This pressure cooker is an supper cooker with lids for straining, serving and pressure cooking respectively, giving the user 3 in 1 benefit. The transparent lid is made of toughened glass to retain the heat while making it appropiate for serving on the dinner table.

best gadgets


3 lids with one cooker to get everything done from cutting to serving.

4mm thick anodized aluminum material for evenly spreading the heat and preserving it.

A short handle to conveniently pick up the handi for cooking and serving.

Supports both cooking on the gas stove and induction cooktop.

3 litres perfect for small families and bachelors who buy less and use more.

  • 3 in 1 pressure cooker: One super cooker
  • Unique handi design with thick aluminium material to spread the heat and preserve for a long time.
  • The quality off the lid is something people complain about not being of top quality.

Aluminium, stainless steel or hard anodised, which cooker would you prefer?

Once you start finding the right cooker for you, you will come across different types of a pressure cooker body: aluminium, stainless steel, hard anodised, plastic for microwave. So which is one right for you?

Aluminium Body

These bodies are lightweight, low cost and durable for the long run if you are cooking daily in a pressure cooker. They are a great choice if you have such a requirement. They come in a variety of colours.

Stainless steel Body

Like Aluminium they are also robust, durable and can be used for a long time. They have a very good design and finishing too.

However, unlike Almunium based body these cookers cost more. Food-grade stainless steel bodies don’t react with the food acids, making them safer for cooking.

Hard anodized Body

If you are looking for an aluminum cooker but a premium one, which is more durable and cooks faster and has more features then hard anodized cookers should be the best choice. They are resistant to stain and easy to cook and clean.

Plastic Pressure Cooker – Microwave

Prestige microwave pressure cooker is a great cooker for microwave lovers, who want to use a cooker in an electric microwave. Put your put, set your timer and leave. Food gets cooked fast and you need not spend on an electric cooker.

Due to the decrease in cost, every Indian house now owns a small or big microwave. So these types of pressure cookers are gaining popularity.

Thinking off buying a Microwave, do get out our detailed review on the best microwaves in India on Amazon.

Get the Inner lid or Outer lid pressure cookers?

Planning to cook idly or bake in a pressure cooker! Go for an outer lid cooker.

You are planning to cook directly in the pressure cooker, sometimes without the lid! Then go for an outer lid cooker.

Buy the inner lid pressure cooker if you are planning to always use the lid while cooking,

The outer lid is bulkier than inner lid, so generally speaking, handling is easy in an inner lid cooker.

Rest aside, pressure cooking wise and safety-wise both deliver the same results and know that everything is a matter of habit. So, this should not be a groundbreaking comparison.

Base of a Pressure Cooker

The base of a cooker tells you where can you use it: A gas stove, induction cooktop, or both. Let’s check out an image:

Please note: SS stands for stainless steel

Shapes of a Pressure cooker and their advantage?

The shape of a Pressure cooker determines the ease of cooking, viewing, and mixing. Although they don’t change the efficiency of pressure cooking in any way, however, based on your requirement, the choice of shape gives you more comfortability.

Apple-shaped cooker – Called the award-wining shape it’s a great-looking cooker that has a premium look and suits to belong to a contemporary kitchen.

Cute cooker – Cute look is its attraction. People demanding to have good looking unique cookware that delivers the same quality of pressure cooking would love it. Best for sauteing and frying without spilling and then pressure cooking in the same vessel.

Pressure pan –  Designed with less height but wide-mouth, its useful for frying and pressure cooking in the same vessel.

Handi shaped cooker –  This design is an ideal shape for rice and biriyani loves and chefs. Dissipates heat fast and equally and reserves the heat. the handi design gives great visibility of the food while not letting the heat out.

Straight wall cooker – Simplicity is elegance for many. Can handle cooking bits of anything and everything in one vessel. Does everything you want.

Some tips to cook in pressure cooker properly:

  • Read the pressure cooker manual in detailed way.
  • Before you put the food items in the pressure cooker check all the parts are in place.
  • When you add the ingredients to the cooker don’t fill more than two-third. Foods which froth fill till half of the container like beans or grains.
  • The lid should be locked properly in its place as well as put the release valve in a intact position.
  • Firstly keep the flame on high and put the cooker. Once it reaches the high temperature, lower the heat or else the food might get overcooked.
  • When the cooking is done release the pressure by using a cooking spatula and then open the lid.
  • You should always open the lid in the opposite direction of your face to avoid the hot steam striking directly onto your face.

Problems with Pressure Cookers

First, know that there is a process for any type of cooking. In pressure cookers its more of a process plus rules of ratio that make cooking in pressure cooker easy. Rules of ratio like for x watery amount of water or liquid is required. But hardly anybody can be so attentive or correct all the time and then we face some problems.

1. Food getting burnt when the water dries up.

2. Poor quality of metal in a cooker, make the pressure cooker to burst.

3. Too much pressure build-up makes the metal to bend and then burst. Mostly happens when you don’t clean the outlets properly before cooking or bad manufacturing of outlets, be it the cap or the lid or safety valve.

4. Too much water makes food to come out of the outlets during a whistle.

5. The pain of cleaning the pressure cooker due to burnt food or hard food sticking at the base or outside body covered with food due to excessive water.

We face these problems while using a pressure cooker, but apart from maintaining the ratio of water and rice/dal/vegetables, the first and foremost must-do step is BUYING THE RIGHT PRESSURE COOKER OF GOOD QUALITY for better cooking and safety.

Frequently asked questions?

  • Can a small amount of food be prepared in a big sized cooker?

You can always buy a big size cooker yet cook in small portions. The time duration in all the sizes of cookers is similar. So consider the size according to your requirement.

  • How safe is it to cook in an aluminum cooker?

Aluminum is not deadly however it reacts in the presence of acidic food items like tomato, lemon and tamarind. So its better to avoid buying it.

  • . What is the difference between Natural Release, Quick Release and Cold-Water Release?

Three different type of pressure release technique used are as follows:

Natural Release:

Mainly used for frothy foods, high- liquid foods, meat pieces and all other foods that can be overcooked without an issue. You leave the cooker and the pressure will come down on its own.

Quick Release:

It is usually used for food items that have as short cooking time like soft vegetables, sea-food, adding vegetables halfway the cooking. You press and pull the steam release valve once the cooking over.

Cold Water Release:

We put the cooker under a tap, run the water over the lid and along both sides.


These were the features that will help you select the best pressure cooker as per your requirement. What is your favorite cooker out of these and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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