Kitchen Designs For Your Home

Designing a new kitchen or renovating a kitchen can be exciting, but it’s always important to keep the size of the kitchen in mind as there are certain limitations when it comes to small kitchens. This article will also be helpful if you’re trying to maximize the space in your small kitchen. There is an idea here for every budget and taste, so do not worry. We hope you will walk away with plenty of inspiration and ideas to try out in your kitchen. Continue reading to find out all the ideas in store for you…

Mostly there are 6 types of Kitchen Layouts :

One wall

The way you utilize your workspaces in the kitchen is the most important factor when planning your kitchen layout. In a typical home kitchen, the primary tasks require the sink (cleaning and preparation), the refrigerator (storage) and the cooktop (oven or stove for cooking). These three work surfaces, when joined by imaginary lines, form the kitchen work triangle. This work triangle is very helpful in determining an efficient kitchen layout.

Now that you know the different designs and tips for having a great and efficient kitchen that not only saves your time and energy in the long run but also makes your kitchen a special room of your house.
Let’s give you some great ideas along with tips to design your kitchen, which will make you fall in love and your relatives jealous. We know that our budget for designing a room and that too a Kitchen always remains least and tight, so keeping that in mind, we have created the following list.

Add a Small Table

Although there may not be space for a large dining table in the kitchen, you can always squeeze in a small table with a few stools so that there is no need for a separate dining room. Pick something that is light and fits properly in a corner to save space. 

Choose three Colors

Choose only three colors for the kitchen as too many colors can make a small kitchen seem overcrowded and smaller. Sticking to a rigid color scheme will also make your kitchen look more organized. 

Highlighting with an Accent

Highlighting small parts of the kitchen with a bright color or accent works well to accentuate the spaciousness.

Marble that reflects

A little luxury or marble can go a long way in a small kitchen as it reflects light and makes space seem larger. There are also other less expensive reflective materials that can be used to replace marble and have a similar effect. 

Large Windows

There’s nothing like having a few large windows in the kitchen to make it more airy and spacious. It will also allow more natural light and fresh air in. The kitchen will also be less likely to be unbearably hot. 

Glass-fronted wall cupboards

Glass-fronted wall cupboards and their reflective, space-enhancing qualities are great choices. Shiny wall tiles can also help to add to the effect.

Let it hang

Try to hang up as many things as possible to save on storage space. Avoid using the countertop for storage as it will take up a precious workspace in the kitchen and make working in the kitchen tedious. Make sure to equip the kitchen with sufficient wall hooks for this purpose. Pots, pans, spices and tea towels can all be hung up on the wall. 

Counter space and cooking utensils in a modern kitchen

Make use of metal

Other than glass and mirrors, metal or metallic materials also reflect light and can make space seem larger than it is. It will also give your kitchen a more contemporary industrial design style.

Combine the countertop and dining table

An excellent idea is to extend the countertop just a little bit so that it can double up as a small dining space in the kitchen. It also adds more workspace in the kitchen when it’s not being used as a dining table

Large wall tiles

Pick out large wall tiles instead of small wall tiles to make your kitchen seem more spacious. Spotlights in the right areas can also enhance the large wall tiles and enlarge the kitchen visually. 

Keep the sinks small

It’s better to have two small sinks than one large sink. This design is especially helpful if you usually have more than one person working in the kitchen as it decreases the traffic at the sink area. 

Divide and conquer

Just a simple divider or a small wall as pictured in this example can create a sufficient boundary that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house, thus creating the illusion of more space. 

One Wall Kitchen Design Ideas


Design Ideas

Galley-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas


Design Ideas

L-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas


Design Ideas

U-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas


Design Ideas

Peninsula Kitchen Design Ideas


Design Ideas

Island Kitchen Design Ideas


Design Ideas

Which kitchen layout idea is right for you?

The examples above give an idea of the more popular and traditional approaches to laying out a kitchen and should give you some inspiration. Make sure to consider the best fit for the dimensions of your kitchen space, think about the potential of adding an island or peninsula to the arrangement and really take the time to understand what you really want from your new kitchen. Just because the pictures of the fancy two island kitchens look amazing in the brochures, doesn’t mean that they are going to work for you.

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