Egg Bhurji | Anda Bhurji | Scrambled Egg

Egg bhurji widely known as Anda Bhurji or can also be called spiced Scrambled eggs. It is one of the easiest and quickly cooked food at home. It just takes 15- 20 mins to make you drool. Anda in Hindi means Egg and Bhurji mean scrambled. It is the perfect beginner-friendly recipe that gives you

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Peanut chutney | Groundnut chutney | Palli chutney Recipe

Groundnut chutney is also known as peanut chutney or Palli chutney is a mouth-watering mix of flavors that is palatable. This super easy and super fastly preparable peanut chutney serves perfect with all south Indian breakfasts mainly dosas, Idli, bonda, upma, Uttapam. Groundnut is also known as peanut and is widely used in all South

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South Indian Dal Fry Recipe

Dal fry is a staple food in almost all households in India. If you are looking to find the best recipe for Dal fry then you can find one here. Dal fry is a scrumptious Indian side dish made with lentils, herbs, and spices. Dal is referred to as lentils. It is a must-found important

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best pressure cooker

Pressure Cooker: Best you will get.

Pressure cooker is one favourite cookware of every house hold. Cooks food faster and also serves as one cookware for all types of cooking. With so many models in the market, let’s help you to make the right choice.

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kitchen designs

Kitchen Designs For Your Home

Modern Kitchen design and kitchen appliances make the kitchen one of the luxurious rooms in our house. Here is a collection of top designs and tips and tricks to make your kitchen look outstanding , efficient and spacious.

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